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Hey, I’m Sarah!
     I was born and raised in Kremmling, Colorado and love living in the mountains. I enjoy being a part of a small community and the support that comes along with it. When I’m not at work, I enjoy hanging out with my dog watching reality TV or fishing Blue River with my dad.
     I am a licensed esthetician in Colorado and offer makeup, eyelash extensions, spray tans, and a few other services here at Root Salon. Makeup has always been my biggest passion and I have turned my passion into Beauty by Vance!


Bridal makeup is my specialty and after over 5 years I still love to travel to different parts of Colorado for weddings. Seeing the smiles that come with my job is one key reason why I love my work. The goal is for every client to leave happy and confident from the inside out! It's important to remember that when you look good you feel good and that is the main goal I strive for after every appointment. I am looking forward to connecting with you and creating something magical together.


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Classic Full Set Lashes

$135 Full Set

$50-95+ Fills

A simple, natural looking lash. Classic extensions are a 1:1 ratio meaning that one extension will be placed on each individual lash giving you a natural enhancement to the eye.

Hybrid Full Set Lashes

$175 Full Set

$65-$110 Fill

Hybrid lashes consist of a mix between classic extensions and volume extensions. This look will achieve a natural enhancement with a variety of texture and volume and is framed strategically around the eye. This set will give you the best of both worlds!

Volume Full Set Lashes

$210 Full Set

$80-$125 Fill

Hand crafted fans of 3-10 or more lashes will be placed on each individual natural lash. This technique increases your lash count, giving you fullness to the eye.

Eyelash Lift/Tint

$85.00 Lift and Tint

$65 Eye Lash Lift Only

$55 Eye Lash Tint Only

IThis combo consists of both steps taken to achieve a lash lift and tint all in one service!This service creates a curl to the top lashes using a perming solution. It gives length, volume, and a sense of thicker lashes towards the base of your lash line.A lash lift can last 4-6 weeks. For the tint a semi permanent dye (black, blue black, brown) that is applied to your top lashes to give a denser, darker, and fuller appearance to the eye. This application can last 2-4 weeks.

Signature Spray Tan


$135 3 Tan Package

Signature spray tans consist of an organic, chemical free, non scented, and paraben free solution that is sprayed all over the body using a spray gun. This service is performed by a licensed professional to give you an all over sun kissed glow!


$25-30 Brows

$25-30 Lips

$25-30 Nose

$25-30 Chin

$45 Underarm



Brow Lamination


Perm solution is used on your brows to straighten them upward and set them in place to create a fuller and fluffy brow.

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