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Hello Beautiful!


I can’t wait to meet you. I want to help you have the hair color you've been missing from your youth. Whether it is the lack of dimension, unwanted grays, or you just want an amazing dimensional color I’m your gal. I want you  to feel like they are always on trend but never look like you are trying too hard.


Since moving to the mountains almost 10 years ago nature has become my inspiration. As the seasons change, so do our colors, creating a natural blend with everything that surrounds us. I have found that using nature as inspiration I can create unique and different looks throughout the seasons. Your color will always be new and fresh for each seasonal shift. I have a true love affair with dimensional brunettes but genuinely love creating custom colors for blondes and red heads as well.


I have been a busy stylist for over 20 years. Life seems to be a balancing act of juggling work, owning a salon, and family life. I deeply value self care but free time can be hard to come by. I love taking care of myself but there is not time to do it often. I want try to make sure that when I do I have an amazing experience and I’m obsessed with the end result. I make sure to  pass this on to each of you whether I see you once a year or every month. Everyone deserves to be taken care of and love their hair color.


When I step away from the salon I love to spend time in the kitchen creating healthy meals for my family. Food is one of my many love languages. Besides food I am obsessed with fashion and design. My phone is full of screenshots of outfit inspiration and there is always a home improvement project happening in my world. Life is busy. I have two boys who fill up the rest of my free time and keep me on my toes. My husband and I  spend a ton of time snowboarding with them and we practically live on the lake in the summer. 


As a  business owner and mom, I get it – free time is rare treat. When you do take a break, it should be nothing short of amazing! Let's spend some time chatting about food, fashion, and having a good laugh about this crazy life. I want you to truly love your hair and have a good time when you are with me.

Come take a break with me!


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Deep & Detailed


This service is ideal for new guests, those who color 1-2 times a year, or anyone seeking a significant shift from lighter to darker or darker to lighter. Various techniques are used throughout this service to achieve a seamless blended and softer grow-out. This will help you achieve a more natural look and extend the time between appointments, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance. This service concludes with a Customized Haircut, a luxurious Blow Dry, and a Signature Style. 

Frequency 16-20 weeks

Time Commitment 4 Hours

Mane Tane & Glow


This service is for established clients who are Blonde or Brunette seeking to maintain your blended highlights with a softer grow-out. The top and sides of your hair will be lightened, ensuring a seamless blend. To complete your experience, enjoy a Customized Haircut, a professional Blow Dry, and a Signature Style.

Time Commitment 3 Hours

Frequency  10-12 weeks

Refresh & Refine


This highlight refresh focuses on the hairline and adds a few lighter pieces through the part line for that effortlessly blended effect. It's the perfect pick-me-up for guests looking to refresh their hairline and part area, especially if it's been 6-8 weeks since your last lightening service. To wrap up your visit, enjoy a Customized Haircut, a Blow Dry, and a Signature Style.

Time Commitment 2 hours

Frequency 6-8 Weeks 

Classic Full Highlight


Classic Full Head Highlights service if you are someone who loves seeing highlights from roots to ends throughout your entire hair. It's a straightforward way to add a lighter glow to your look. This service includes a Custom Haircut, Blow Dry, and a Signature Style.

Time Commitment 2 ½-3 Hours

Frequency 12-14  weeks

Classic Partial Highlight


Refresh your classic highlights with a Half Head Highlight Retouch appointment. This service targets highlights throughout the top of the head and around the face. It's the perfect way to maintain a timeless look. This service includes a Custom Haircut, Blow Dry, and a Signature Style.

Time Commitment 2hr 15 minutes 

Frequency 8-10  weeks

Rich & Glossy


All Over Color service designed for those seeking a traditional touch-up. Ideal for refreshing gray roots and revitalizing the length, this service provides a full reset on your color, leaving your hair with a brilliant shine. This service includes a Custom Haircut, Blow Dry, and a Signature Style.

Time Commitment  1 ½ -2 hour

Frequency 6-8 Weeks

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